Get involved in the construction of our platform ! 

By becoming a LittleBig Connection platform tester, you'll be helping us to develop the features that best meet your needs and expectations. You'll be able to give your opinions and feedback, and benefit from preview information.

Join the community of testers, and be part of the future of the Connect marketplace!


Why become a tester?

Taking better account of my needs

With this new initiative, we want to take an in-depth look at your expectations, your needs and any obstacles you may encounter. This exploration can take different forms, such as in-depth interviews, surveys or observation of the use of the platform.

Share my feedback

We value your feedback. To improve our platform, we make assumptions about the needs and how it is used. By sharing your experience of the platform with us, you can play a crucial role in confirming or refuting our hypotheses.

My priorities first and foremost

Some things just can't wait. Based on your feedback, we can better define which improvements to make to our platform as a priority. Your help enables us to speed up the launch or correction of certain features. So that the tool can evolve in line with your needs.

Become a tester!